Ad Council PSA

The "Bullying is NOT Cool!" campaign is a Public Service Announcement developed to promote awareness of bullying and how it has grown to be a problem. 


Digital | Television Ad

The goal was to make a digital infographic that could double as a television ad campaign.

The target audience for the ad were grade-school children between the ages of k-9. The use of Charlie Brown characters while keeping the ad black-and-white not only paid homepage to newspaper comics but also draws the parents attention. The purpose of the ad is to also drive traffic to the website as a resource for anti bullying.

Print Collateral | Poster



Design Concept, Illustration & Animation | Misty Marquis (my role)

Narration | Samantha Stevens

Creative Director & Associate Professor | Stan Anderson

Source |

Charlie Brown characters | Property of Iconix Brand Group

Character Creation | Charles Schulz