Following Your Passion

I began my career attempting to obtain a degree in dental hygiene — I know, what was I thinking!? Telling people to say ahh and picking their teeth for a living is not something I would enjoy for very long. Hence the fact that I changed majors two years in to focus on graphic design. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a very reputable field and you can make a great living cleaning teeth. But once I realized all my math and chem notes were covered with illustrations and I continuously took art classes as an outlet to keep my sanity while attending college…it was time for a change.

Plus obtaining a degree in design fulfilled the promise I made to my grandmother years ago. When I was 5 to be exact. While I was a child, I had an innate affinity to drawing characters from Disney movies. In fact, I broke my mother’s VCR pausing and rewinding scenes from A Goofy Movie so I could recreate them to make a flip book — but that’s another story. As for my grandmother, she was my biggest fan and I loved showing her what I could do. Her advice to me was to keep drawing, and one day I would make lots of money. That sounded pretty cool, especially to a five-year-old. And how do you quantify lots other than owning all the Barbies in the world! Yes, that’s how I understood it when she said it. In some respects I had the right idea.

I can’t afford all the Barbies in the world just yet, but I do enjoy what I do. I love creating visual solutions and applying my illustration skills wherever I can. More importantly, I love being challenged. Challenges inspire new ideas, new ideas create change, and change inspire growth. Growth to me, is a never ending process and it’s a process I welcome.

Misty Marquis

Misty Marquis Art & Design, Minneapolis, MN, United States

Graphic design professional who has wide-ranging experiences in creative direction, logo designs, advertising, illustration, digital photography, photo manipulation, web and email blasts, painting, copywriting and brand identity. Possesses track record of developing promotional ideas to increase company presence and reputation through targeted print and web-based media. Adapts to different cultures and ideas while maintaining a calm demeanor in demanding and stressful situations. Takes the initiative to learn and utilize cutting-edge technologies. A positive team player, that serves as a key contributor to the on-going success of an organization, while bringing constructive energy to a project.