Following Your Passion

I began my career attempting to obtain a degree in dental hygiene — I know, what was I thinking!? Telling people to say ahh and picking their teeth for a living is not something I would enjoy for very long. Hence the fact that I changed majors two years in to focus on graphic design. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a very reputable field and you can make a great living cleaning teeth. But once I realized all my math and chem notes were covered with illustrations and I continuously took art classes as an outlet to keep my sanity while attending college…it was time for a change.

Plus obtaining a degree in design fulfilled the promise I made to my grandmother years ago. When I was 5 to be exact. While I was a child, I had an innate affinity to drawing characters from Disney movies. In fact, I broke my mother’s VCR pausing and rewinding scenes from A Goofy Movie so I could recreate them to make a flip book — but that’s another story. As for my grandmother, she was my biggest fan and I loved showing her what I could do. Her advice to me was to keep drawing, and one day I would make lots of money. That sounded pretty cool, especially to a five-year-old. And how do you quantify lots other than owning all the Barbies in the world! Yes, that’s how I understood it when she said it. In some respects I had the right idea.

I can’t afford all the Barbies in the world just yet, but I do enjoy what I do. I love creating visual solutions and applying my illustration skills wherever I can. More importantly, I love being challenged. Challenges inspire new ideas, new ideas create change, and change inspire growth. Growth to me, is a never ending process and it’s a process I welcome.

Misty Marquis

I’m a visual storyteller. An Art Director, who through the use of design, develops and execute creative ideas from conception to completion. With a passion for illustration and formal training in Graphic Design, from Georgia State University’s Ernest G. Welch, School of Art & Design, I bring the spice to every project.