Creating a digital AD that encourages customer upgrades


THE GOAL — As a popular subscription based cable provider, DIRECTV allows its viewers access to more than 285 channels at an fordable price. During the summer of 2013 DIRECTV needed a way to convince current customers to upgrade their subscriptions, as well as increase their clientele by attracting new subscribers. But since they’re considerably a well-known brand, they decided to turn their attention in-house. DIRECTV approached IMG Live to design a digital ad for their video walls encouraging people to upgrade. By ensuring that every employee of the company was a current subscriber they hoped to gain the increase in subscriptions they were trying to achieve.



Lead Designer : Misty Marquis
Senior AD : Peggy Donahoe
Agency : IMG Live

THE CHALLENGE — DIRECTV also teamed up with HBO to promote the hit TV series Boardwalk Empire as an incentive for upgrading. In other words, the upgrade allowed customers access to premium channels (such as HBO) and other channels offered by the company. However, while creating a business to business (B2B) ad was a good strategy, it still wasn't generating an increase in customer subscriptions as advertising business to customer (B2C).

THE SOLUTION — To resolve the issue of low increases in subscribers, reapplying the ad as an offer to the general public as the next best step. Advertising both internally and externally helped DIRECTV achieve an increase in brand awareness.


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THE RESULT — Although simple in execution, the promotion became a multilevel initiative capturing both B2C and B2B clientele, and it was applied to the DIRECTV homepage, which generated the awareness they were looking for as well as producing an increase in subscriptions.