Marriott & NewsOne

Reimagining the future of travel through a total brand experience


THE GOAL — IMG Live was approached by Marriott International, Inc. in 2013 to design promotional materials for their NewsOne sponsored event at the JW Marriott New York. The theme of the event was called "Reimagining the Future of Travel." The goal of the event was to gather customer feedback by inviting guests to share their opinions on how the hotel could improve their services.


Client: Marriott International, Inc.

Designers : Misty Marquis / Adrian Babich
Senior AD : Peggy Donahoe
Associate AD : 
Deimante Kalinauskaite
Creative Director : Patrick Conreaux

Agency : IMG Live

THE CHALLENGE — Instead of collecting feedback through a traditional survey box, the challenge was creating an innovative way for customers to share their ideations as well as experience the brand as a whole.

THE SOLUTION—  With the help and sponsorship of NewsOne, JW Marriott New York was able to generate the funds to create a diverse brand experience for guests to participate, pitch their innovative solutions, and interact with guest speakers.