Increasing brand awareness through the use of a microsite

THE GOAL — The Coca–Cola Company acquired Odwalla under its umbrella back in 2001, and saw the brand as an opportunity to introduce a healthier option to their product line. To help improve sales and brand awareness, Coke approached Finished Art Inc. to develop an innovative fun way of promoting the brand. 


Client: Odwalla, A Coca-Cola Product

UX & Visual Designer : Misty Marquis
Agency : Finished Art, Inc.

Odwalla Microsite

THE CHALLENGE — Although Coca–Cola is a well-known brand, not many people were familiar with Odwalla and most were unaware of its association with Coke. Due to its low awareness, Coke needed a budget friendly way of promoting the brand.

THE SOLUTION — The initial solution was to get people talking about Odwalla through the use of social media. Although, Odwalla had a fully functional website filled with fun interactive features, it was developed with flash technology. At the time, this feature worked well on android and desktop devices, but unfortunately flash technology was nonfunctional to the increasing iPhone and tablet audience. This ultimately reduced the opportunity to drive traffic to the website directly from Facebook or twitter. But due to both time and budget constraints, the resolution was to develop an interactive microsite (or mini site) separate from Odwalla’s main website where they could introduce the products and the brand in a fun way while getting people sharing the link via social media. 

THE PURPOSE — Ultimately, the microsite was used to hone in on the featured products, while allowing users the opportunity to interact with the brand digitally. The microsite also still allowed users the opportunity to explore Odwalla's main site through the "learn more" button, and ultimately became the best way to get people talking about the brand. 

Odwalla benefited from the marketing with a 124.3% increase in shares. It also gained stability and strength from the ownership that the Coca-Cola Company offered. Odwalla also was able to expand into new markets because of Coca-Cola’s well-established distribution network.
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