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The Coca–Cola Company acquired Odwalla under its umbrella back in 2001 and saw the brand as an opportunity to introduce a healthier option to their product line. However, due to low sale volumes, the product was not performing as well as other Coke products on the market. Although Coca-Cola is a popular brand, many people were unfamiliar with Odwalla. And due to its low awareness, Coke needed an innovative, fun yet budget-friendly way of promoting the brand.


We wanted to use social media to get people talking about Odwalla.

Odwalla had a functional website filled with fun interactive features, but the site had been developed with aging Flash technology. Flash worked well on Android and desktop devices, but unfortunately, it didn't work for the ever-growing iPhone and tablet audiences, reducing our ability to drive traffic to the website from social.

Our solution: We worked against time and budget constraints to develop a unique, visually striking and interactive microsite, separate from Odwalla's homepage, that could introduce their products and brand in a fun way. The microsite presented Odwalla's featured products while letting users interact with the brand and, most importantly, share their favorite content on Facebook and Twitter.

Ultimately, the microsite drove our audience to Odwalla's main site through a "learn more" button and became the best way to get people talking about Odwalla.

36920_Odwalla-What's New Facebook_02MM.jpg
Odwalla benefited from the marketing with a 124.3% increase in shares. It also gained stability and strength from the ownership that the Coca-Cola Company offered. Odwalla also was able to expand into new markets because of Coca-Cola’s well-established distribution network.
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