Project Lead the Way


Building a voice and branding an education program that redefines the classroom experience












Project Lead the Way is a nonprofit organization focused on empowering K-12 students. By transforming the teaching experience, they create engaging classroom environments that not only prepare students for real-world applications, but also makes them excited about learning. Their overall mission? Empowering students to thrive in an evolving world.


Project Lead the Way

Art Direction

Olson (now ICF NEXT)

Some Cred:
Scott Muskin, Creative Director
Charles Josh Gary, Illustrator
Wale (DEEN), Photographer
Doreen Hoff, Producer




Concept Development



The initial approach to the campaign had a cleaner esthetic, focusing on objects found around a classroom that a child would either create or interact with. As the idea grew, the approach to the visuals took a more literal turn by playing off of a child's imagination and making concepts or "simple playtime" into a reality.


Concept V1.0


A mix of photography and illustration was used in the campaign creation to push the idea of making imagination into reality.


Concept V2.0


Overtime, the language changed to more "student focus" and quotations were added to encapsulate what they themselves could be thinking.


Concept V3.0




Photography Style




With the help of DEEN, the photography style of the campaign is centered around a look of wonder,  excitement, confidence and an overall sense of curiosity. Also, since PLTW brand is focused on STEM programs, the cast of students was a diverse group with grades from kindergarten to high school. 




Pulling it together




The marriage between illustration (Josh Gary) and photography (DEEN) is what made the visual behind the campaign powerful and captivating.


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