World AIDS Day


24 hrs of awareness, celebration, and commemoration at the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA)










Art Direction

World Aids Day is celebrated on the 1st of December around the world every year. It has become one of the most recognized international health days and is a key opportunity to raise awareness and commemorate those who have passed on. As well as a time to celebrate victories such as increased access to treatment and prevention services.

The Museum of Design Atlanta, or MODA, celebrates World AIDS Day by staying open for 24 hours. Visitors to the museum have an opportunity to take in AIDS related exhibitions, as well as an array of educational opportunities and performances. For this project, MODA saw this celebration as an opportunity to brand the event. They wanted a campaign identity that was both impactful yet memorable. 

Interactive Booklet HERE

The logo was developed in order to brand the celebration at the museum. Though striking, it's bold color and syringe silhouette demands the attention of the viewer upon first glance as symbolism to the importance of the issue of AIDS.